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ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd, located in Athens, is one of the leading firms in acoustics, noise and vibration control in Greece. It is utilising the most advanced equipment and its staff experience in the field, to resolve complex noise control problems.

We also carry out advanced acoustic studies, that include architectural acoustics (prediction-simulation-auralization), but also prediction of noise propagation in open space (highway, railway, airports and industrial plant noises).

Our highly specialised team of engineers with 25 years of experience in the field can deal with any noise and vibration control problem. In cases that a more challenging solution is required, our R&D department can suggest customised engineering solutions, which can accordingly be manufactured by our production line.

25 years of experience in architectural acoustics – noise & vibration control

Sound insulation studies (of buildings, industrial installations, discos, theatres etc). ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd undertakes the following type of projects:

  • Sound insulation constructions (of mechanical, air conditioning and industrial installations, discos etc).
  • Vibration control (in chillers for air-conditioning systems, presses, power generators etc).
  • Acoustic studies (for conference rooms, auditoriums, theaters, cinemas, conservatories, gyms), utilizing special software.
  • Measurements of acoustic parameters of a hall and of the noise and vibration levels with state of the art measurement equipment.
  • Sound propagation prediction through air ducts for air-conditioning purposes using advanced software.
  • Traffic noise prediction using advanced software. In this way we can calculate the exact specifications needed for the sound attenuators.
  • Sound barrier studies.
  • Construction of recording studios (turn key)
  • Design and manufacturing of ALPHAfon sound isolation materials (acoustic doors, acoustic panels, sound traps, sound barriers, acoustic louvers, silencers, acoustic canopies etc).
  • Design and manufacturing of ALPHAcoustic acoustic products (acoustic panels, diffusers, bass traps, acoustic buffles etc).
  • Design and manufacturing of VIBRO complete vibration control products range (more information on www.antivibration-systems.com).

We are strongly interested in establishing international contacts for collaboration in different sectors i.e. acoustic studies, noise and vibration control applications and promotion of our sound insulating and acoustic products.

For further information and enquiries please contact us.

Contact person: Mr. Theodor ARGOUDELIS | Mechanical Engineer (C.Eng)