Building Sound Insulation

Building Sound Insulation

  • Building sound insulation prediction

  • Design of noise insulation in buildings

  • Sound measurement on acoustic door

Our aim in building noise control is to keep unwanted sound and vibration out of sensitive living areas. Our team of engineers can study and resolve problems in building noise insulation, to meet legal or other requirements, or to provide a specified degree of acoustic comfort, in all types of buildings (Commercial & Residential projects, libraries, hospitals etc.).

In more complex applications, sound and vibration isolation must be considered not just from sources within the building (MEP, footsteps, impact noise etc) but also from noise sources from outside the building.In order to ensure a better acoustical comfort in dwellings, related computational tools with respect to international or local building codes, are applied.

We use specialized software tools for sound transmission predictions between, outside and inside of the building, according to the European Standard ISO EN 12354.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is often engaged to conduct site evaluations to ensure mixed-use developments (i.e. shops and households within the same building) which integrate with surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Our experienced acoustical professionals assess and predict potential noise problems in mixed-use developments, analyzing the impact entertainment, retail, commercial, and other public spaces will have on one another and on neighboring spaces.

We analyze the potential impact of building mechanical equipment, traffic, other noise / vibration sources and design appropriate noise control interventions. Finally, we also help to ensure compliance with local and regional environmental noise standards and ordinances.