Noise Control - ALPHAfon

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd is manned with engineers that are highly experienced and specialized in mechanical and industrial noise control since 1980. Our company’s mechanical noise control products can be used in resolving a wide range of noise control projects in industrial, environmental and residential noise.

Our product family ALPHAfon with standardized products like metal noise barriers, metal & wooden doors, acoustic louvers, sound attenuators can also be modified in order to match any project requirements.

For clarifications in regards with installation details, mechanical operation of the noise source or ergonomic requirements do not hesitate to contact us. Our acoustic consultants would be happy to propose the most efficient sound proofing and noise control structure.

Metal Noise Barrier: ALPHAfon- MB
A quick and economical solution for sound absorption and noise insulation
Acoustic Doors: ALPHAfon- AD
Available in metal or timber, they can be fabricated in different sizes in order to cover all possible requirements
Transparent Noise Barrier: ALPHAfon- TB
Used when noise insulation and visual contact are simultaneously required
Acoustic Louver: ALPHAfon- AL
Providing sound insulation, innovative design and weather protection at a reduced width