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  • Noise control

    Noise control

  • Acoustic products

    Acoustic products

  • Sound insulation

    Sound insulation

Sound & vibration measurements

We carry out Building, environmental, work HVAC sound measurements as well as vibration measurements using state of the art equipment.

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Consultancy services

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI carries out advanced architectural acoustic, sound insulation, industrial & occupational noise studies, combining specialized acoustic software and hardware with our 25 years of experience.

All acoustic parameters that determine acoustic quality are calculated: reverberation time, (RT60) C-50, D-80, Alcons, STI, EDT, Direct / Total SPL, critical distance & D/R ratio.

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  1. Architectural acoustics
    Resolving a wide range of acoustic problems, which includes acoustic consultancy studies or supply of specialised products for acoustic room treatment.

    We can also undertake turn-key complete acoustic solutions and construct recording studios, home cinemas, radio or TV studios etc.

  2. Noise control
    We supply a complete range of mechanical noise control products like metal noise barriers, acoustic doors, sound attenuators etc. Our specialized technicians can also undertake noise control product installation and complete project contracting.

    With our experience in the field of mechanical, industrial and environmental noise control we can study, predict and simulate the noise level, analyse its impacts and propose acoustic solutions.

  3. Vibration control
    We effectively resolve engineering vibration isolation problems, based on solid academic background combined with comprehensive practical experience and strong professional ethics. Our complete range of vibration isolators VIBRO can cover mechanical and building applications for reducing the structure-borne noise transmission.

    All vibration control products are manufactured under Quality Assurance System which complies with ISO 9001.2008

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