Environmental Noise Control

Environmental Noise Control

  • Noise acoustic environmental consultancy

  • Environmental noise mapping

  • Noise measurement of wind turbines

  • Train environmental noise measurement

Environmental noise control and measurements are generally concerned with the assessment and mitigation of environmental noise related to highways, rail-roads, airports, industrial, entertainment and recreational facilities. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI offers a comprehensive range of environmental noise control study and noise measurement services.

For environmental noise studies, we employ on site noise measurement systems for continuous acoustical observations.

When actual site conditions cannot be measured yet, we use noise modelling software to predict and evaluate the expected environmental noise levels. We can study the noise emission of an industrial plant, a new/existing road or railway scheme, airport or even entire towns and urbanized areas.

Furthermore, using noise simulation software we can optimise the effectiveness in terms of cost/efficiency of Noise control interventions, for example the height, the position and technical specifications of Noise Barriers.The Environmental Noise mapping includes calculations, assessment, prediction and proposals for noise reduction (Strategic Noise Mapping).