Vibration Consultancy

Vibration Consultancy

  • Indicative vibration control installationIndicative vibration installation

  • Vibration measurement equipment

  • Vibration studies

  • Anti-vibration product selection

At ALPHA ACOUSTIKI, our engineers conduct vibration measurement and assessment studies and use those findings to recommend vibration isolation solutions to control and mitigate vibration generated by mechanical systems, equipment and machinery.

Specifically, some principal parameters of the vibration control studies are:

  • Vibration measurements (with 3axial accelerometers)
  • Evaluation of vibration in buildings
  • Calculation of machinery excitation frequency
  • Calculation of deflection and natural frequency of the antivibration system
  • Selection of appropriate vibration control system, for each specific application
  • Protection of equipment from earthquakes or wind pressure

We design Vibration Control solutions for the following indicative categories:

  • Industrial vibration control applications (i.e. Chilling Units, air-conditioning units, Gen Sets, boilers, HVAC etc).
  • Building applications to avoid structure borne vibration transmission (i.e. floating floors, floating walls etc).
  • Studio applications to construct floating surfaces using the “room in room” construction method. That includes floating ceilings, floating floors and floating walls.
  • Human response to vibration at work like Hand arms & Whole body vibration evaluation, according to European Union Directive 2002/44/EC or International Standards

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Impact Sound level measurements (with tapping machine)

With the tapping machine we can conduct Impact sound level measurements in building’s floors with different coverings, in accordance with EN ISO 140-7: Field measurements of impact sound insulation of floors.

The method is applicable to bare floors and also to floors with coverings, in order to evaluate the Normalized impact noise level (L’n) and Standardized impact noise level (L’nT) parameters.

The evaluation of the reduction of the Weighted normalized impact sound pressure level,( Ln,w ) by floor coverings on lightweight floors are based on EN ISO 717-2:2013: Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements. Part 2: Impact sound insulation