Noise at Work (Occupational Noise)

Noise at Work (Occupational Noise)

  • Noise level measurements in the workplace

  • Occupational noise studies

  • Occupational noise evaluation in food production area

  • Occupational noise dosemeter

Controlling and mitigating the impact of noise in work environment is often a main concern of architects and engineers in many industrial facilities. Not only does occupational noise has an impact on those working in these facilities and their health, but it is proved that it drastically reduces staff productivity.

Regarding noise at work, the following services are offered:

  • Noise level measurements in workplaces
  • Noise dose measurements for every worker
  • Evaluation of noise dose according with national and international legislation
  • Noise Frequency analysis
  • Acoustic study in order to determine all the necessary interventions for noise reduction in the workplace (at the source, path or the receiver).
Occupational noise exposure prediction

Advanced Room Acoustics Prediction and Occupational Noise Exposure software is used for analyzing and managing sound in industrial fields.

The program determines quickly and precisely sound levels at every point in a room, as well as the contribution of each sound source to these points, and the noise dose perceived by workers.

The program evaluates the efficiency of a treatment or of a treatment combination in real time before it is implemented.